Artificial intelligence chatbots have changed the world in many ways. Some may even call it a complete revolution but it has no doubt made it easier for people to communicate with each other, access information, and get things done.

Chatbots are now used in a variety of industries, including customer service, education, and entertainment. ChatGPT was the most popular AI chatbot until Google Bard came into being. They are both based on large language models, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. But who can beat both of them? Your partner for sure!

ChatGPT vs Bard vs Your Partner

Now you’ve probably seen many comparison articles and posts between the two AI chatbots but have you thought of comparing them with your husband, wife, boyfriend girlfriend, etc? The homepages are basically the same showing a bunch of prompts and the box where you type your questions. However, before Google Bard actually starts functioning it gives a little disclaimer that it might be inaccurate whereas ChatGPT doesn’t. Did your partner give you a disclaimer? No right? So, here have a look.

Now, their home pages are more or less the same. But we decided to ask all three the same four questions to see the different responses and we were amazed, sort of!

Now like I’ve written in my previous articles, there are some things ChatGPT cannot do and before Bard, no one could but now it’s possible. But there’s something that both these cannot do but your partner will be able to do. And no, I’m not talking about THAT sort of stuff!

Question 1 

Our first question was about love since we are talking about partners, so it did only make sense. We asked all three, “What does love mean to you?”. And as expected this is what ChatGPT had to say.

But this is what Bard had to say. Safe to say it acted as a chatbot and that wasn’t surprising. It just gave me possible forms of love.

But unlike GPT and Bard, the partner gave a very heartwarming response which proves that these chatbots cannot be humanized as much as humans would want them to be. Our partner said “Eating leftover pizzas at 2 am to get over a fight” and they couldn’t have said anything sweeter.

Question 2 

ChatGPT is extremely filtered and limited. It does not predict the outcome of anything simply because it cannot. However, Bard is currently unfiltered and not so limited so will reply to almost everything you might ask even if the answer is not the clearest and so can your partner even if you don’t ask them, they will always tell their thoughts. We asked the three, “Do you believe that the end of the world is near?” and this is what our partner said, “If the heels are taking charge, no”. But this is what the two chatbots said.

Question 3

ChatGPT is extremely filtered and information sensitive. It does not engage in any sort of political, religious, or other sensitive topics like gender, etc. However, Bard is currently unfiltered and will reply to almost everything you might ask despite the sensitivity of the topic. And I think your partner is also pretty unfiltered I can only assume. We asked them, “Do you think there is a God?” to which they simply replied, “Of course!” Now look at the AI chatbot responses.

Question 4  

The last question I asked the three, two chatbots and someone’s partner was, “What do you think about terrorism?” to which the partner answered, “Needless”. Now I know this topic or question might be triggering to some of you guys but unfortunately, we live in a terrible world where things like this happen almost every day. But regardless, this is what ChatGPT and Google Bard had to say.

Now, do you want to ask your partner the same things? Or you could just let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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