Being stuck at home for an extended period certainly has its sets of challenges. However, most of us have gotten used to it whereas, some are still struggling. As people are now practicing social-distancing, they’re also missing the good old days. The majority of the people, however, are losing their favorite eateries!

We decided to ask our followers what they want to do when the lockdown ends and when the quarantine life is finally over. The results were hilarious, but some made so much sense! And yes, let’s face it, we’re all dying to meet our friends, party, and whatnot.

Check out what our followers had to say!

1.” Pray Shukrana ki nafil.”

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2. “Long drive with friends.”

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Trips to Hyderabad or probably Karachi to Hyderabad! Soon!

3. “Repair my gaming PC.”

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People with broken laptops, PCs, and phones are struggling. We feel you, man!

4. “Travel to northern areas.”

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YASSSSS. Who doesn’t miss traveling? Such good old days!

5. “Eat Bahir se every single day!”

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The one discussion you have every single day. Missing your favorite eateries every single day! By the way, what are you missing?

6. “Go to the library and continue studies.”

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Such restrictions. We hope all of it ends soon.

7. “Go shop my heart out!”

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Of course! How can we forget the shopping sprees? Do any of you miss grocery shopping as well?

Let us know what you’ll do after quarantine in the comments below!

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