WBM Care – a globally recognized US-based brand launches in PSL 2022. Headquartered in Flemington NJ, WBM Care is a sub-brand under WBM Group of Companies. It was established in 2008 as a natural and organic personal care brand holding an extensive list of distinctive products. Initially, the goal was to include the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt in most of the product lines. Brand’s slogan ‘Care from Nature’ indicates the product’s manufacturing as natural and organic. After receiving great admiration in the USA, Europe, China, and other 100+ countries, WBM Care Personal Care Products now has shifted the direction towards Pakistan.

As a sub-brand of WBM Group, WBM Care also yearn for complete customer satisfaction. The slogan – “Quality is our Passion with a 100% money-back guarantee” similarly vows for quality products and services.

Over the years, WBM Care has expanded its product range from the basic Liquid Hand Wash to a complete series of body, hair, and skincare products. Today, the brand includes more than 100 products under its roof. The brand is driven by the mission to provide the best and most natural solutions to skin, body, and hair-related concerns. It minimizes the harsh chemicals infusion as much as possible.

“Nature has a solution to every problem”, says CEO, WBM Care.

“There is nothing nature cannot resolve. You just have to think a little different”, he adds.

WBM Care products hold worldwide recognition. The major product categories include daily care, skincare, body care, hair care, baby care, home care, personal hygiene and much more.

WBM Care personal product selection includes daily use tissues holding a premium and soft texture. The Hand Sanitizers effectively fulfill hygiene purposes with their natural and safe composition. Body Care and Hair Care selection incorporates natural botanical extracts and Himalayan pink salt. This nurturing mix optimizes the due levels of nutrients in the skin and hair. Hand Creams and Body Lotions leave the skin feeling deeply nourished. WBM Care reaches all aspects of personal care to cure everything the natural way. Besides, the brand keeps Himalayan Pink Salta as a key ingredient in all the products. Recalling the history of the company, Pink Salt was the thing that marked the history of WBM Group. It performed and fulfilled the role to present Himalayan Pink Salt to the world in the most innovative ways.

“Our brand hold’s the promise of quality close to the heart. There is not a single event in the whole life cycle of the product that one can doubt of quality”, says Quality Control Expert at WBM Care.

The skincare regimen by W-Beauty has a natural basis, keeping a major focus on botanical extracts. This segment covers all the skincare products and focuses majorly on more than 50% of Pakistan’s population – ‘Women’.The product range revolves around providing the best and safest products. It broadly covers Facial Creams, Cleansers, Toner, Moisturizers, Serums, Wipes, Beauty Tools and much more. The innovative technology and unique ingredients blend to deliver this exceptionally distinctive product line.

WBM Baby Care – a personal care brand for babies –stands out in the market holding the label of being the safest and purest quality of baby care products. The brand keeps in mind that babies and their bodies are vulnerable to even the slightest external alteration. To cut down the struggle of mothers and satisfy them with their concerns, WBM Baby Care is presented in the name of safety and trust. The brand keeps its complete product range in close connection with nature. Plant-derived ingredients ensure the product’s premium and natural fabrication.

Who doesn’t want a clean home with the least effort involved? W Home – pledges that you will love and adore every corner of your home. The purpose of the brand is to provide a complete range of household products. These aim to be the most efficient, innovative, and effortless products of the time. Major categories revolve around cleaning tools, dishwashers, laundry, detergents, and so on. Again, the brand keeps the promise of presenting the safest home solutions for you.

“Our W Home product range helps you make your House a Home” CEO WBM Group.

All WBM Care products ensure ecological sustainability and health. The zero-waste model of product manufacturing and distribution keeps everything in accordance with the principles of sustainability. Following the 3R approach, the WBM Group tries to keep it all minimal in terms of packaging and pressure towards the planet. The materials used in manufacturing are responsibly sourced even without a negligible ecological impact. The distribution chain is considerably narrowed down. The transparency between manufacturer and consumer ensures the quality and sustainability of the products. The packaging material is minimized at every life cycle phase. Major packaging types are Craft Packaging, Glass Jars, Reusable and Biodegradable PlasticContainers. All of these appreciably reduce the overall ecological footprint.

WBM Foundation – a non-profit organization – collaborates with WBM Group of companies to work for the greater cause i.e., ‘to ensure environmental health for present and future generation’.

“Whatever we offer our mother nature, it gives us back. If we give nature care and love, we get back the same. If we do otherwise, we get nothing but loss”, says the Head of WBM Foundation.

All the ingredients linked with the product are rigorously tested for being safe and secure. WBM Care is one of the few brands in the world that holds the maximum number of certifications all along. Major ones include Natural, Responsibly Sourced, Dermatologically Tested, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, FDA, PSQCA, USDA Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, SLS-Free, Paraben-Free, RoHS, MSDS and so on. All of these notable documentation stands out for the product’s nobility and excellence.

WBM Care joins hands with the most well-recognized retailers around the world. Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Choice, Walgreen, Kroger, etc. are the few major ones. In Pakistan, WBM Care catches all the limelight in the most notable e-commerce marketplaces. Daraz, Airlift, OLX, and GrocerApp are significant to name. Authentic and reliable payment methods are available for customers’ convenience.

Explore the complete product range at the official website www.wbminternational.pk.