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Riding a motorcycle is a hobby for some and a primary mode of transport for others. The automobile is a popular and economical transport vehicle but it does have some risks. Motorcycles can easily be toppled over by the slightest of movements or cannot even be visible in the dark hours of the night. This is why it is extremely important to make sure your motorcycle is clearly visible to others on the road. Here are 8 ways that can make motorcycles more visible at night.

  1. Wearing high visibility safety gear

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On most motorbikes, the rider occupies almost the same amount of visible space as the vehicle itself. This implies that when it comes to being visible, we have just as much to do as the bikes we ride. We’ve been taught that yellow or orange signifies being cautious or paying attention, so wearing a high-visibility jacket or helmet grabs drivers’ attention immediately.

  1. Using reflective tape

Using reflective tape expands your motorcycle’s visual footprint. We recommend installing parts on the front of your forks and any other part of your motorcycle that is visible from a light source (top of a tall windscreen or the edges of your panniers). Reflective tape won’t help you much during the day, but it will operate as separate light source at night, making your motorcycle appear much larger.

  1. Ride a brightly colored Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are already at a disadvantage on the road due to their size and ability to accelerate and decelerate faster than automobile drivers are used to. This makes them more difficult to perceive and to judge distance from. Dark-colored bikes worsen the problem, making our tiny little rocket ships even more difficult to spot on the road.

  1. Stay out of blind spots

There’s a reason they’re called blind spots. If you park your motorbike in a location where vehicles can’t see you without shifting their heads and seeking you, you’re relying on their alertness to determine your fate. You don’t want to be riding behind the b-pillar of a four-door car.

  1. Tap your brakes

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Many individuals are unaware that your brakes have another purpose. “Hey, you behind me, make sure you’re paying attention to what’s going on up here,” I like to say. Tapping your brakes quickly transforms your brake light into a massive blinker, ideally drawing the attention of the car behind you. Tapping your brakes can also be used to notify tailgaters or riding partners of a perilous road situation.

  1. Use high-beam lights

Opinions may differ on this one. However, I prefer to ride with my high-bam lights on almost all of the time throughout the day. Most drivers will not be bothered or dazzled by them since they will not be seen in low-light conditions.

  1. Use your horn

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While horns are most commonly associated with a loud curse word, they may also be rather beneficial. A fast double tap can warn a distracted motorist of your presence or that it’s time to put down the phone.

  1. Use your Auxiliary lights

Auxiliary lights are similar to reflective tape in that they provide light sources for your bike. They have the extra benefit of functioning around the clock and providing additional light to see at night. You may add these to the front and rear of your bike, and they can frequently be programmed to different intensities or to strobe in the back when you stop.

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