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The Coronavirus pandemic is a world-shattering event whose far-ranging consequences we can only begin to imagine today. This much is certain: Just as this disease has shattered lives, disrupted markets and exposed the competence (or lack thereof) of governments, it will lead to permanent shifts in political and economic power in ways that will become apparent only later.

COVID 19 will show us the new normal where the entire world where hopefully we will use this crisis to rebuild, produce something better and more humane. Coronavirus is an epidemic for our times. Perhaps more than any disease in living memory, it chimes with our society’s fears.

Here’s how COVID 19 will change the planet:

1. Fragile Economy

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The official data has confirmed a widespread slowdown in economic activity and people will be forced to do odd jobs in order to make money. The economics of collapse is given. Businesses exist to make a profit. If they can’t produce, they can’t sell things. This means they won’t make profits, which means they are less able to employ you.

2. Working from home will be normal

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We’re all learning how remote meetings, panels, and other events work. To the extent that companies stick with these habits once we’re all able to work and travel like normal again, these changes could have a more lasting impact on our energy use, particularly in transportation.

3. Value of loved ones will be learned

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By extension, people have rallied to one another via family, friends, and neighbors. The scramble to get loved ones home from overseas was an eloquent reminder of what really counts.

4. Need for skilled people

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This crisis is a larger-scale and longer-term lesson on the fragility of our civilization. We are reminded that, despite the boors, we need education, knowledge, and expertise. We also need teachers at every level and we must have skilled doctors and paramedics.

5. Change in environment

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Last but never least is the environmental crisis, which has been put on hold by coronavirus. Pollution levels and carbon emissions will seriously reduce. After the crisis, things could well slope back to previous destructive levels. But it does not have to happen and it’s high time we take responsibility for that.

6. Business travel will be reduced

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Business travel is often considered important for the success of whole organizations and the effectiveness of running them. It is certainly true that face-to-face meetings help build relationships and trust, which is often crucial for making a project succeed.

However, now that businesses and other organizations are being forced to radically cut down or stop business travel, they may realize that it’s not so essential after all – as long as they find working substitutes.

7. Higher surveillance

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We may see a method of proactive surveillance-based medical monitoring that automates healthcare and keeps society productive. By closely monitoring smartphones, and demanding that people report their body temperature and medical condition, China and Israel generated vast population datasets that algorithms could apply anti-contagion rules to.

8. Washing hands

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People will now be requested to avoid shaking hands and greet each other with a certain distance and assure that they take care of their hygiene and cleanliness. In addition to fighting COVID-19, all this increased hand-washing will also fight multiple other illnesses that use dirty hands as a vector to human beings.

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