Former captain Wasim Akram recently expressed his disappointment with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for its failure to enhance the country’s cricketing infrastructure.

Akram’s remarks came in response to a fan’s query regarding the absence of picturesque stadiums in Pakistan, comparable to India’s scenic HPCA stadium in Dharamsala, which gained attention during the recent India-England Test match.

The Dharamsala stadium, nestled amidst the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh, has earned recognition as one of the most visually stunning cricket venues worldwide. However, during a popular Pakistani sports show, Akram addressed concerns about Pakistan’s lack of such scenic stadiums.

Source: The Print

When questioned about the reluctance of the PCB to construct new stadiums, Akram criticized the board’s inefficiency in maintaining existing facilities, let alone building new ones.

“We can’t even maintain three stadiums, (Baki kaha naya bana lenge) how could we make a new one?” says the former captain.

He emphasized that Pakistan struggles to upkeep its current stadiums, citing the dilapidated condition of Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium as an example.

“Have you seen the [condition of] roof of the Gaddafi Stadium that they were showing with the drone? We can’t even control the three [stadiums] we have.”

Akram highlighted the irony of dreaming about constructing stadiums akin to Dharamsala while failing to maintain existing infrastructure. He suggested Abbottabad as a potential location for a new stadium, given its scenic beauty and ample space.

We can only dream of making a new one. We have enough area to make a new stadium, though. Abbottabad is a very beautiful ground,” Wasim Akram concluded.

The cricketing legend’s remarks shed light on the pressing need for the PCB to prioritize the development and maintenance of cricket infrastructure across Pakistan.

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