In the midst of the fervour surrounding the ICC World Cup 2023, a subtle yet intense feud has surfaced between former captain Wasim Akram and all-rounder Imad Wasim, both associated with the PSL franchise Karachi Kings.

The rift unfolded when Wasim Akram, who serves as the chairman and bowling coach for Karachi Kings, indirectly criticized Imad Wasim for his decision to forego participation in the domestic one-day tournament. Akram hinted at players prioritizing TV contracts and T10 tournaments over Pakistan’s local domestic competitions, raising questions about commitment to the national cause.

“The players who are busy with the Pakistan team are fine, but what about others? A couple of them are sitting on television, and they want to play for Pakistan. How is that possible?” remarked Wasim Akram, refraining from explicitly naming Imad Wasim.

Imad Wasim hits back at Wasim Akram

Responding to the veiled criticism, Imad Wasim defended his stance, stating that playing domestic cricket would not guarantee a spot in the national team. He pointed to his past experiences, highlighting that despite being the World No. 02 all-rounder in rankings, he was inexplicably dropped from the team.

“When I was playing for the Pakistan team, I was the World No. 02 all-rounder in rankings, and without any reason, I was dropped. Please tell me what is the guarantee now that if I will play domestic cricket, they will consider me?” Imad retorted. He also emphasized that he would seek advice from whoever pointed out his absence in domestic cricket when needed.

The all-rounder continued, “Two years ago, when I was asked to play domestic cricket, you can see my performance. But even then, I wasn’t considered. So there’s no guarantee here.”

Imad Wasim’s last appearance for Pakistan in ODI cricket was in November 2020 against Zimbabwe. However, recently represented Pakistan in T20I cricket in April this year during the home series against New Zealand.

As the tensions rise between the two Karachi Kings figures, the looming Pakistan Super League adds an intriguing layer to the situation, leaving fans curious about the impact this cold war might have on their relationship in the upcoming months.

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