Pakistani TV presenter Waseem Badami woke up to a shocking incident on Wednesday as he found his X social media account hacked. Known for his serious and professional demeanor online, Badami’s compromised account took on an entirely different tone.

The hacker, in a series of posts featuring pictures of an unknown woman, made scandalous claims about Waseem Badami’s alleged secret marriage to a woman named Iqra, purportedly pregnant. The threat of exposing more scandalous pictures and videos added more suspense to the situation.

Waseem Badami’s colleague and friend, Iqrar-ul-Hassan, took to Twitter to confirm the hack and urged everyone to ignore the tweets from Badami’s account.

The situation took an unexpected twist when the hacker responded to Iqrar’s warning with a witty retort, suggesting he “enjoys Maldives” or risks getting his own account hacked.

The hacker’s unexpected humor didn’t go unnoticed, with actress Madiha Rizvi acknowledging their clever response to Iqrar-ul-Hassan’s warning, commenting, “Hacker is not coming slow.”

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