The feud between former Living On The Edge host Waqar Zaka and morning show celebrity Nida Yasir has ignited a social media storm.

The conflict, which had been brewing under the surface, recently came to the forefront when Nida Yasir appeared on Tabish Hashmi’s show Hasna Mana Hai and made controversial remarks about Waqar Zaka.

During a segment on the show, Nida Yasir was asked to comment on Waqar Zaka, to which she responded by stating that they were not friends. She accused Zaka of orchestrating hate email campaigns to have her removed from her hosting position.

“He’s not a good friend. He tried very hard to remove me from the chair. He was good to me when we were on the same channel; I swear I did not get him fired. Then he turned against me. He started a campaign against me, where he kept emailing the stakeholders to remove me as a host. I don’t know what I did wrong,” Nida expressed on the show.

This public revelation fueled the animosity between the two, prompting Waqar Zaka to respond. Zaka clarified that Nida Yasir played no role in his resignation from “Living On The Edge,” asserting that he decided to step down to give someone else an opportunity.


In his retort, Zaka advised Nida to follow suit. He went on to iterate that despite his respect for her given that she is older than him, he urged the owners of ARY to replace Nida, claiming that she wastes a valuable time slot with her antics.

Zaka asserted that his campaign against Nida was not covert; he openly expressed his views. He questioned the credibility of a woman who portrays a one-sided story, seeking attention and relevance in the industry by involving others.

He reminded her of the F1 incident she took pride in, stressing how those high TRPs and views translated into the country’s humiliation in India.

In a series of videos, Zaka slammed her hurting the industry’s reputation as he recounted an incident from 2020, accusing Nida Yasir of exploiting the parents of a girl who had been sexually abused and murdered, making them cry on national television with insensitive questions. He criticized her for blaming her team and misrepresenting the situation when faced with backlash.

Furthermore, Zaka advised Nida to either educate herself on significant topics during her prime time slot or consider less crucial time slots for her show to avoid wasting the time of women and families.

He went on to clarify that he hasn’t moved out of the country as he aims to return  after his academic pursuits at Stanford University, California, USA, for a greater cause.

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