waqar younis scandal
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Waqar Younis is a well-known name in Pakistan, especially if you are a cricket fanatic!

Recently, the Pakistani cricket coach, commentator, and former cricketer who captained the national team came under fire on social media.

Younis was caught liking an obscene video on his Twitter account. However, he claims that his account was hacked, and it wasn’t him who did this.

He posted a clarification video, using the same handle under question. Now the matter is that if his account was hacked, why didn’t the hacked change the password? Moreover, why did the hacker target him?

Younis claimed that it was an extremely shameful and painful experience for him and his family.

Continuing his explanation, Waqar Younis said that he had thought that Twitter is a great platform to interact with acquaintances and the people one knows.

Today I have to say with great regret that when I woke up this morning, someone hacked my Twitter account and liked grossly inferior videos from my account.

So it is a matter of great shame, it is a matter of great regret and discomfort. For me and my family too. I used to think that social media or Twitter is a way of interacting with people.

But unfortunately, this man ruined everything. By the way, the hacker has not done this for the first time.

I have had an account hack three or four times. I do not think this man is going to stop, so I have decided that I will not come on social media after today.

I love my family more. You will not see me on social media after today. I am sorry if this hurts anyone,” he added.

In conclusion, he shared that the ‘Allah ka banda’ won’t stop hacking his Twitter profile and presumably and inexplicably liking adult videos from it. Hence, he has decided to get off social media and never use Twitter again!

Screenshot of the Video Goes Viral on Social Media!

waqar younis porn
Credits: Sport24
A screenshot of the liked adult-video is floating around on social media and is going viral like anything.
waqar younis
Credits: Waqar Younis (Twitter)

While some made fun of the retired cricketer, others supported his story of being hacked!

Do you think Waqar Younis was hacked? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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