Covid Vaccine trials have side effects
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[Update]: The process of getting vaccinated of COVID-19 entails getting two doses of the vaccines. The second dose has to be administered sometime later but at minimum, there should be a gap of two weeks. It has been observed by the researchers that obese individuals are reporting only half of the production of antibodies after the second dose is given as compared to others. Of course, this could be because of some underlying diseases. For now, the update is that the vaccine is less effective in people with obesity. 

[Dec 9th, 2020]: This world really took a hit when the year 2019 ended. Back then, it may not have seemed as severe or drastic, but then things escalated. The virus was only being reported in China; other countries began to fall out of this explosion. Europe and the US felt the full force of the pathogen during the first half of 2020. The world came to such a point that they desired a way out of this situation.

PID Pakistan

It became a necessity to research and dive into the details of the virus. Thus, began an intense race to the vaccine. Every country began sending teams of scientists to hot zones and start researching. Now, it is being reported that the first vaccine has been released and is being administered. However, it does have some side effects.

Covid Vaccine Side effects
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A Pandemic In Our Time

If one looks back a year prior, they cannot imagine how the year 2020 would go. We’ve all heard of pandemics throughout history, but none of us ever thought we would be in the epicenter of it. In contrast to others, Pakistan was quite fortunate to ride the first wave out without an extreme hit.

Now, the Pfizers Covid vaccines have been administered to the volunteers. Of course, being tested and checked in the lab is one thing. Then comes the part about side effects. Every drug has side effects. It is no surprise that there would be some to the vaccine too.

The Covid Vaccine And Side Effects

The most common side effect that is being described by volunteers is quite interesting. They claim to have a feeling that resembles a ‘Severe Hangover.’ Now, movies like ‘The Hangover’ actually portray how it can feel like.

From what they have described, it feels like one has a bad headache alongside a lot of sensitivity to the light. It only adds to the headache if the volunteer steps into bright light. These feelings are, allegedly, common in a hangover.

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Volunteers
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Headed To 2021

Approximately 800,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be made available by next week. They are going to start with health care workers and then move towards the 80+ aged citizens. After that, the general public is said to be administered. Pakistan has already set aside an amount for the vaccine, and they might give away the vaccine here for free. Of course, it must be noted that there will be counterfeit vaccines being sold, so one must be careful of those!

Never has, in the history of the world, a vaccine been made with this level of furious dedication. The last virus vaccine was smallpox, and it took ten years to be completed! We hope that the vaccine maintains its efficiency as more and more people get administered. Many people have had a difficult year, with businesses shutting down and sickness at an all-time high. It would be nice to see them smile at this glimmer of hope!

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