The biggest platform, Google has extended a special invite to Muhammad Shiraz, Pakistan’s youngest vlogger, and his sister Muskan for a seminar in the United States. If you’ve been watching YouTube recently you should know Shiraz, better known as Shirazi.

shiraz and his sister

This adorable 6-year-old vlogger is from Gilgit Baltistan. He’s been stealing hearts left and right with his videos showing the stunning beauty of his home. But it’s not just his charming looks that have won him fans. His sweet way of talking and that charming Urdu accent is what sets him apart.

Recently, Shiraz received a shiny silver play button from YouTube, cementing his status as an online sensation. We’ve just come to know that Google has invited him to the States for a special seminar!

Beyond that things took an unexpected turn when Shiraz made an appearance on a popular Ramadan transmission hosted by none other than Waseem Badami. While some applauded Shiraz’s TV debut, others raised concerns about the involvement of children in such shows, fearing it could exploit their innocence.

Heres a link to that segment:

He appeared on Jeeto Pakistan too!

This mini influencer is from the village of Ghorsey, located at the base of Mount Siachen. Shiraz takes his audience on a mesmerizing journeys through the streets and Persian-style houses of his region. And that unique Urdu accent of his? Well, it’s just the cherry on top.

Despite already being a household name in the online world, Shiraz’s star continues to rise as he appears on the screens of private television channels during Ramadan.

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