visually impaired woman
Image Source: itsmedialodge

A visually impaired woman takes to Twitter how she can use the iPhone by herself. The tweet went viral and people, twitter users, and many publications as well, appreciated this effort a lot.

On July 25, Kristy Viers posted a ‘How to’ video on her Twitter account. The video was recorded by her partner Gregory Lehto. In this video, she talked about and demonstrated how to use the phone perfectly well.

“So basically you run your finger along with the screen. You find what you are looking for.” She says.

As you run your finger on the screen, your iPhone reads out the name of the application. Depending on a double tap or a triple tap, the iPhone will tell the user which application it is, open it, and also what appears on the screen upon opening.

For this video, Kristy opened her Twitter account and formed a tweet using the braille keyboard featured available on her iPhone. And more importantly, the iPhone reads out what is written so Viers could check to see if any mistakes were made.

After that, she went back on to the home page and again repeated the same process to finding the application she was looking for. This time she chose Safari. With Safari, she showed how would a visually impaired person would enter a web address on the browser. With “So yeah, that’s how I would use my iPhone,” she concluded the video.

This video has gone viral. Many news publications covered it as well because it shows that this iPhone is inclusive of visually impaired people.

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