In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of young individuals who are inclined towards entrepreneurship and building something of their own. This shift in mindset can be attributed to several factors that have shaped the business landscape and the youth’s mindset toward career aspirations. This article primarily aims to explore some of the reasons why the youth vibes more with entrepreneurial ventures and startups, with a local success story.

Technological advancements have created a level playing field for young entrepreneurs like Muhammad Zohair, owner of SP Dealz. Hailing from a family of business-minded people, Zohair had nothing against working a corporate job, but he was drawn towards owning his own business. He took advantage of the widespread availability of affordable technology, internet connectivity, and powerful tools that have enabled individuals to launch their own ventures with minimal resources and initial investment requirements. The digital revolution has empowered the youth to self-learn and leverage their technical skills, creativity, and innovative ideas to build scalable businesses.

This is because the traditional notion of pursuing a 9 to 5 to climb the corporate ladder is rapidly losing its appeal among the younger generation. Similarly, Zohair desired more control over his professional life, seeking fulfillment, purpose, and the opportunity to make a positive social impact in Pakistan. This allowed him to pursue his passion project, solve societal challenges, and shape his own destiny, which aligned with his aspirations.

His entrepreneurial mindset encouraged him to resort to the online shopping platform Daraz where he self-learned the skills through the virtual Daraz University and began his online business. It is encouraging to note that Daraz has enabled an ecosystem that is focused on online selling education and promoting an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing the youth to think critically, take risks, and develop problem-solving skills – something that is not taught in schools and universities, and which only comes by getting the hang of elements that go beyond following commands and acquiescing to a time-bound work mode.
Of course, this has not only helped Zohair only. With snowballing, the entrepreneurial mindset has fostered financial Independence and wealth creation, which is much-needed in a country that is riddled with spiraling economic downturn, a saturated job market, and raging unemployment. Zohair explains that businesses have the potential to generate substantial returns and create personal wealth for the founders. This success story of a young entrepreneur who has managed to build a successful business is hope for the Pakistani business landscape which has gradually turned bleaker, shaky, and uncertain.

Demonstrating possibilities of entrepreneurship, Zohair also enjoys the liberty, autonomy, and flexibility that tags along with owning a business. In the digital age featured dominantly by mental clutter and several life challenges, creating one’s own work-life balance and dictating the terms of employment is important. Zohair values autonomy and the ability to set his own schedules. He is keen on working on projects that align with his interests. He understands that this level of flexibility is often challenging to achieve in traditional corporate settings, which made SP Dealz all the more an attractive alternative
The rise of digital platforms, such as e-commerce, social media, and mobile applications, has opened up vast market opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Platforms such as Daraz provide ready-made infrastructure and access to global markets, enabling businesses such as Dealz to reach a wide customer base and scale their businesses rapidly, which may otherwise require massive investment. Zohair recognized the potential of Daraz and was immensely eager to capitalize on them.

As the entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to evolve and support young talent in Pakistan, one can expect to see further growth in youth entrepreneurship, leading to innovation, economic development, and positive societal change. Established support systems like Daraz instill confidence in the youth and encourage them to take the leap into entrepreneurship, a much-needed business phenomenon in Pakistan.

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