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How many of you watched movies like ‘Gone In Sixty Seconds’ and the entire ‘Fast And The Furious’ series?

Such movies have become an inspiration for people who get their adrenaline pumped by getting involved in illegal activities.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that such films come with intense and exhilarating action sequences, lots of glamour, and the people involved in the heist are smart enough to get away with physically impossible thefts like it’s a child’s play.

One such movie like incident recently occurred, which wasn’t as glamours as action movies are.

In the video circulating online, four cars are being smuggled into Pakistan through what seems to be some mountain range in Balochistan.

The four cars being smuggled are all Toyota’s, with a Vitz or a Yaris leading the pack, and Aqua right behind, an 8th gen E110 Corolla on the third, and a Probox on the last.

Car smuggling is a crime. 

Cross-border car smuggling or any other illicit exchange is a big felony in any region, owing to which the mules usually avoid the central paths, to steer clear of the check-posts and prevent getting caught on surveillance cameras.

Especially in Balochistan, there are only limited paved routes that can be taken by the motorists, all of which have various checkpoints.

However, that doesn’t hinder the smugglers from carrying out their acts.

The dangers of such actions 

The smuggled cars are transported to their destination via the mountains. The vehicles in the video are regular street cars, yet still, they’re being driven on top of the rocks in a way that would put both the hardest of off-road trucks and the most courage off-road enthusiasts to pure embarrassment.

One little error, and it would be a horrible day for the car and the very last day, perhaps, for the driver who attempted such an action.

Discourage smuggling cars 

Smuggling is still continual across several areas of Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan and a few regions in KP.

Not only do the smugglers put the regional market and economy out of balance, but do so while dancing on the edge of a grave.

You should know that by saying ‘No’ to car smuggling and other cross-border frauds, we can save not only the economy and the image of our province.

However, if we continue to encourage smuggling, we’re putting lives ago risk and playing without conscious. So, we’d recommend you to kindly get over the fever of action movies and snap back to reality when anyone gives you an idea of smuggled cars.



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