Pakistan’s white-ball captain Babar Azam, recently found himself in the midst of controversy during a stroll on the streets of Cardiff during Pakistan’s ongoing tour of England. The incident, captured on video, has ignited debates and drawn attention on social media platforms.

The viral video shows a visibly irritated Babar Azam after he was approached by a group of eager fans seeking selfies and greetings, while he was in the midst of a conversation. Despite security personnel present, Babar’s privacy is invaded, leading to his frustration.

Babar called for space, asking fans angrily to give him time to finish the conversation first. However, the fans did not listen, leading the star batter to harshly saying, “Mere upar nahi chadho, Baat kar raha hu na.”

He then asked security personnel to take action and keep the desperate fans away so the star batter can continue his conversation undisturbed.

Social Media Uproar

The incident quickly sparked uproar on social media, with many fans accusing Babar of disrespecting his fans. Initial clips seemed to support these claims, portraying a visibly frustrated Babar trying to handle the situation. Criticism mounted, with disappointed fans expressing their dismay.

However, a fuller video of the incident shed new light on the situation. It revealed that Babar Azam returned to the fans after concluding his conversation. He then patiently posed for pictures and signed autographs.

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ECB’s Response

Following the incident, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) provided two additional security officers to accompany the Pakistan cricket team, aiming to ensure the players’ safety, especially during their movements outside the hotel.

In conclusion, Babar Azam’s encounter underscores the delicate balance between privacy and fan engagement for athletes. While frustrations may arise, it’s essential to understand the context and recognize efforts made by players to connect with their fans.

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