veena malik
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Veena Malik, the famed Pakistani actress, is now facing severe backlash because of a leaked call with her husband. Can you guess who she’s abusing in it?

Attention Hungry

Veena Malik has been forcing her name on the television for as long as one can remember. She’s determined to have her name in the news either by hook or by crook. Initially, having been a contender in Bigg Boss 4, she gained attention due to her frankness with other participants. Soon after that, she became a die-hard devotee of Islam.

veena malik
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These paradigm shifts, although they are not unique to her, they are a part of her nonetheless. So are we surprised to have heard this call?

The Leaked Call

Sources say that Veena Malik’s divorce from her ex-husband was incredibly messy. Her ex-husband, Asad Khattak, has sent her a notice seeking Rs 500 million in damages. This, he believes, is a consequence of illegally transferring their two children from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan.

The call that has been now leaked is related to this whole fiasco. In the call, she’s heavily and unapologetically abusing her husband. She’s hurling all sorts of abuses towards him and also threatening him with the mention of his mother and sisters. She’s repeatedly saying “ab dekhna mai kya karti hu,” implying her misuse of power. 

Hear’s The Audio Clip!

Is This Acceptable?

Knowing our society, many will laugh at Asad Khattak. They will question what kind of a man he is if his wife is abusing him because, in our community, it is the other way around. However, it is just as important to stand up for the abuse of men for the misuse of women. Our society, being a patriarchal one, has set notions of masculinity on men that are beyond harmful. As a result, often, when men are abused, their cases go unheard.

This Should Be Condemned

Veena Malik’s language towards her husband should be condemned. This should not be made into a laughing matter just because she’s an actress and he’s a commoner. 

However, it is also essential to consider that there might be another side to the story. So far, Veena Malik has not said anything related to the matter. This is not to undermine her words’ severity, instead ensure that we don’t jump to conclusions.

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