Maine aisa kuch kia ni tha k ap mere sath kam na kre'

Kubra Khan, the talented Pakistani actress, recently sat down for an interview with The Current, where insights into her personal life and friendships were shared. The conversation took a delightful turn when the host asked her a question that left everyone in stitches.

Favorite Actor Revealed

When asked who her favourite actor was between Gohar Rasheed and Usman Mukhtar, Kubra laughed, “What’s the question in it? It’s Gohar Rasheed! Why would I say Usman Mukhtar?” The host then playfully asked if the rumours about her and Usman being good friends on set were true. Kubra giggled and revealed, “It was just a joke! Usman and I are like siblings who keep scolding and teasing each other. That’s how we are, but my best friend is Gohar.”

Usman Mukhtar’s Statement Addressed

The conversation turned interesting when Kubra mentioned an interview where Usman stated he didn’t want to work with her. She jokingly said, “I took a major offence to it! I told him, ‘Maine aisa kuch kia ni tha k ap mere sath kam na kre’ However, she clarified that it was all in good humour, and they have a gaming gang where they often joke around.

Usman Mukhtar’s Reassurance

Usman Mukhtar even called her to ensure she knew it was just a joke, and Kubra reassured him, “Chill, Joey, I know people edit things, it’s completely fine.” She affectionately referred to Usman as her “dearest friend” and acknowledged their unique bond, saying, “Usually, we share that kind of bond that we never give straight answers. ‘Hamare liye dil ki izzat important hai.’

Respect for Usman’s Skills

Despite their playful talk, respect for Usman’s acting skills was expressed by Kubra, saying, “Although he’s very annoying, he’s a great actor, and I have respect for him.”

This lighthearted interview showcased Kubra Khan’s warm personality and the lovable connections she shares with her colleagues in the industry.

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