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Ushna Shah after appearing on Nadia Khan’s Ramzan Transmission dismissed all pregnancy rumours. She confidently spoke up about a period of laziness but promised to return to her old routine soon. She said all this in response to Nadia Khan’s nosy questioning about Ushna’s personal life.

The Nadia Khan Show, hosted by Nadia Khan herself, has come under the spotlight for crossing the lines with the guests. Nadia herself is popular for being insistent when questioning, and not dropping the topic till she gets some answers. Her first show started back in 2006 and has been aired on GEO TV. Currently, Nadia is hosting a Ramzan TV transmission with Green TV Entertainment.

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Ushna Shah has made a name for herself playing some of the most iconic roles in the Lollywood industry. A renowned and talented actress, Ushna, appeared on the show as a guest along with Hajira Yamin. In the transmission, Ushna shared great detail about her personal life’s goings and what she is currently working on. When it came to the juicy part of the show, Nadia brought up recent pregnancy speculations.

In between their comedic chit-chat, Ushna revealed that she has not been working out for about two or three months now. Digging deep for any gossip, Nadia Khan asked,

“Why aren’t you working out? Is there any good news?” suggesting Ushna might be expecting soon.

However, Ushna immediately shut down the rumors and speculations. She replied,

“No, I am not expecting, I have become lazy, I think I don’t have to impress anyone now after getting married, but yes, I will soon start going to the gym.”

Nadia Khan’s Previous Cross-Fires

Surprisingly or not surprisingly enough, the TV show host has done this before. It seems like this continuing behavior is the reason why netizens requested her show should be shut down.

After inviting Hiba Bukhari on her show, Nadia invaded boundaries questioning about family planning and how long it’s been since Hiba has been married. With great strength, Hiba was quick to shut down any questions she was not comfortable asking.

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