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When you are a celebrity, an influencer, it becomes your responsibility to attempt to make the world a better place because you can. The influence you have on your followers is huge. And Ushna Shah clearly takes that responsibility seriously. She does not shy away from stating her opinion, even if it doesn’t go with the mainstream ideas.

Ushna Shah & Her Recent Instagram Post

The recent diversion she took from the mainstream route was talking about a tabooed topic, periods. Periods are an essential part of life for nearly every woman. And yet, people don’t talk about it as if it’s something contagious or dirty even to say out loud. The actress shared her picture on Instagram with a hot bottle. The caption with it was a message to men.

She talks about how women have to suffer through the periods every month, and by suffering, what are the actual symptoms. And she especially clarifies how for some people, it’s not just one week of pain as is typically assumed. Sometimes people have to suffer for a week before the periods, then during and then sometimes after it as well.

But the point of the post was that the first day of it is the worst. And as men, people around us should try to make life as comfortable for others as they can. Here, she acknowledged the staff at Big Bang, where she is shooting for her project. She said she mentioned about her periods, and the entire team did their best to make the shoot as comfortable as they could.

Toxicity That Surrounds Us

But obviously, people in Pakistan have to make everything toxic. They have to start negative commenting, not realizing how impactful negativity is for others.

So an Insta follower commented, saying that the religion doesn’t allow talking about it. And then she further makes another horrible and judgemental comment. She said, ‘since you (Ushna Shah) don’t know about it (religion), no complaints.’


People, grow up!

ushna shah Image Source: Instagram

But yes, there are supporters as well. So you will come across Insta users such as @mariawqas who appreciated Ushna speaking about important topics people don’t want to discuss.

And more importantly, she also said that while trying to be understanding, men should not blame the PMS, something terrible they do or did.

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