The Pakistan auto sector is in serious trouble because the industry faces a string of crises in terms of sales of new cars.

There are many factors that have negatively influenced the process because of the various adjustments that the government is bringing into the economy. These adjustments have affected a number of industries.

The automobile industry is one of the major victims. The crisis faced by the auto industry has led to rising prices of cars as new and higher taxes have been imposed along with steep currency devaluation.

Now locally-produced cars have become very expensive and most models are out of reach of customers.

However, with the increase in population and expanding transportation needs of individuals, the situation has created a growing need for used cars, and the most in demand are those cars that deliver on quality, reliability, availability of parts and competitive prices. 

This need is now being very reliably met by used cars that are sold, sometimes by local manufacturers, with proper certification and warranty.

This creates peace of mind for buyers of used cars from authorized dealers rather than the local market or customers to customer portals.

Some auto manufacturers are holding frequent events for sale and exchange of used cars which are attracting higher footfall as used car market is gaining strength. 

One event in this category is the Toyota Sure Used Car Bazaar, which will be held this year on January 5 at the Expo Center, Karachi.

The First edition of Toyota Sure Used Car Bazaar was initially launched in 2018 in Karachi. The successful execution of the first edition has made it a premier event for purchasing Toyota-certified used cars.

At this event, customers can sell, purchase or exchange their current vehicles right on the spot.

All units on sale are certified which includes an official 1 year/15,000 KM warranty and after sales benefits which makes it possible for customers to choose Toyota used cars with great confidence.

All Toyota Certified vehicles are thoroughly inspected on 203 check points and only the best used vehicles are certified. 

The idea of the Bazaar is to provide customers with a mid-tier option by staying within the reliability and quality of the proven Toyota family.

For the convenience of customers, Toyota Sure can buy, sell and exchange vehicles either at the bazaar or at any Toyota SURE dealership. 

It is important to note that the used car market has acquired more relevance this year in view of the prevailing market conditions and we can look forward to an increased frequency of Used Car events across the country.