Upgrade Your Gifting Game With 'GiftKarte' & Make Your Loved Ones Happy

Imagine arriving at a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, or an Eid reunion carrying a gift that did not really impress the ones you got it for? As embarrassing as it sounds, what is more disheartening is when they like someone else’s gift more than yours. As we’re no Isaac Newton and the perfect gift wouldn’t just magically drop into our laps from a tree, we have to shop! That process weighs under it a whole lot of hard work and nerve-wracking uncertainty of receivers not liking the gift.

We strive to get creative and surprise people with unique gifts. Does it always work? Well, the gesture is appreciated but is also the gift? Not always. Give them what they want and they will be happier.

How about we tell you the problem has been solved?

Two ex-bankers living away from friends and family in Dubai were facing a similar problem. Where at one point, they became homesick and missed out on special days and family celebrations back in Pakistan and sulking for not being able to send gifts that everyone liked. Trying to find their preferred color, the right size, desired brand and also the right time; All became a matter of anxiety.

They observed the problem remained even if you lived just right next doors to someone. Miles apart or just blocks away, it took a lot of time and effort to decide upon what they should buy for any loved one. With the latest trends and options changing faster than thought or time, it is hard to tap on what even the closest people in your life like or want.

That’s when it happened, GiftKarte came into being!

An online portal was designed which made the exchange of gifts so easy and it is accessible just on everyone’s fingertips. The main USP being the power given to the recipients to choose their gifts and the instant digitized delivery done within minutes, several other features are a cherry on top on this contemporary platform.

  • Hassle-free
  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Versatile gift options
  • An embedded notifying system which records special dates
  • Group gifting options which let more people pitch in

As they embarked on this journey, the overwhelming response by people assured them their idea was helping everyone. Several Pakistani brands were taken on board to give you guys a variety to choose from. Clothes, shoes, fashion apparels, accessories, dinners and even things like furniture, Home Décor and outdoor adventures are some of the existing available options. However, they’re continuously adding up and growing their brands’ family.

The process is as simple as our life gets after using GiftKarte. You just need to log on to www.giftkarte.com, select a brand you wish to gift from, personalize an eGift card or even record a video saying something sweet, pay and send the gift away. The receiver will receive their eGift Card through an E-mail and SMS, visit the retail outlet, redeem it and choose the gift of their dreams!

Any confusion about what an eGift card is?

An eGift Card is a virtual gift you send electronically to a recipient which they can redeem whenever it is convenient. The cards are cash equivalents that contain a predetermined amount stored already by the sender. The recipient will visit the relevant brand store, choose a gift, and pay with the eGift card.

Whereas shoppers are scurrying about finding the right gift for their loved ones and trying to send them at the right time, GiftKarte lets you sit right at home and express your love through a gift anytime!

This means no more last-minute panic shopping sprees, wrong gifts, delivery and packaging hassle, and “You don’t even know what I like” tantrums. Get your hands on the website today and experience the joy of giving by sending someone something special.