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Where COVID really highlighted class differences in the past year, what is stopping its vaccine’s development not to do the same? Us. It’s us who can step up and do something that will ensure a lesser divide. UNICEF, it seems, wants to remind us of this very fact, or rather jerk us awake taking the help of a very thought-provoking ad.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Ad

In the ad, they show the visuals of two girls with luxury clothing. They are seen wearing fancy, priceless jewelry. Accompanied with perfect makeup, the two models are seen posing with a bottle. They caress the bottle all over their face in a sexualizing way. The bottle in question was labeled COVID-19 vaccine. But the way the model advertised with it seemed like she was doing a campaign for a fancy perfume bottle.

UNICEF Image Source: Ads Of The World

And this was the whole point UNICEF wanted to make.

Let’s give you an example. During COVID-19, as lockdowns were imposed, the rich could afford to work from home or had enough savings to live through the lockdown months. On the other hand, the poor who earned through daily wages by doing manual labor, they suffered the most. They couldn’t get the work, and they had no savings. So the divide between the two classes deepened further.

Now that the vaccine is here for the virus that had choked the world, the question is, who will get it? Since the companies who have produced the virus are running businesses, they obviously have stated a price for it. But let’s be honest, the price for millions and billions of people is not going to be something that every country can afford to pay. This way, the vaccine will become a luxury only rich countries can afford. And the divide that was amongst the classes will amplify to become the divide between countries; rich countries and developing countries.

UNICEF Image Source: Ads Of The World

This is not something that should be endorsed, considering who are we to decide who gets to live a normal life compared to who doesn’t. COVID-19 is an enemy we all need to fight together.

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