While the podcast trend is nothing new, it sure is gaining momentum in Pakistan with new people coming up with their channels on a daily basis. While there is a bunch of amazing content being generated by Pakistani Podcasters, some, on the other hand, are relying on cheap tactics. From their interviews to their questionable sense of storytelling, Podcasters have been on a whim. Needless to say that it isn’t serving them well.

Authenticity & Originality 

When it comes to creating content on social media, staying authentic and original is the key. However, in the majority of cases in hopes of remaining authentic to their true self podcast hosts often cross certain boundaries.

While this can include anything, the most common example is Podcasters asking their guests unethical and personal questions. From commenting on their looks to personal decisions about life and family, some of the hosts certainly don’t know when to stop.

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In this century while the prevailing sense of creating boundaries amongst people and families is one topic most commonly discussed, it seems like some people are not willing to learn. In this day and age, asking personal questions feel like a low blow. However, some interviewers would do anything to come up with a sizzling statement for clickbait.

Meanwhile, nothing is more frustrating than watching the teaser of the podcast with a problematic statement and assuming that it contains terrific content. A strategy usually opted for by most of Podcasters.

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Whether it’s YouTubers or Podcasters, the kind of content being developed isn’t serving the masses. While interviews can be a great source of informative content not everything needs to be discussed on social media. If there is one thing our YouTubers and Podcasters need to know – it is the power of an authentic script, strong reasoning and a sense of purpose behind their interviews. Otherwise, it’s only limited to meaningless content which doesn’t serve anyone well.

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