Former pace bowler Umar Gul recently shared a vivid account of an unexpected altercation he had with fans, which turned physical at a bustling Lahore restaurant. Speaking on a private channel’s talk show, the revered pacer recounted an incident involving two fans and himself.

Gul recounted the incident involving his cousin’s visit from Peshawar to Lahore. They ventured into a crowded eatery where they were ushered to a table by the waitstaff. While awaiting their meal, two eager fans approached them, seeking Umar Gul’s autograph.

Requesting a pen for the autograph, Gul was met with an unanticipated taunt from one fan, criticizing the absence of a pen despite his cricketing status. Although the other fan had the pen but was only willing to give it only if the cricketer took his autograph instead.

Finding no paper available, Gul offered the menu cards for signing, handling the situation calmly. Despite the disrespectful gesture, Gul obliged, signing the paper and returning the pen.

However, the fan carelessly discarded the signed paper onto the table, accompanied by mocking behavior, which deeply irked the cricketer.

Observing their derisive actions, Gul confronted the fans, who were accompanied by six others. The tense situation quickly escalated, resulting in Gul delivering a firm slap to one of the fans, causing him to cry and fall onto the table.

In reflection, Gul expressed regret for the physical confrontation but acknowledged that at times, fans’ behavior can cross boundaries, testing the patience of even the most revered athletes in such unfortunate incidents.

Notably, Umar Gul is currently serving as the bowling coach of Pakistan cricket team.

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