Umar Gul has extended a heartfelt apology to all-rounder Shadab Khan for his previous remarks, where he questioned the legitimacy of Shadab’s injury during ICC World Cup 2023 match against South Africa.

During the match, Shadab Khan suffered a blow to the head while fielding, leading to concerns about his condition.

Despite briefly leaving the field for a medical evaluation, Shadab later returned to play. However, due to the severity of his concussion, he was eventually substituted out of the game.

Gul’s scepticism about Shadab’s injury stirred controversy when he expressed doubts about the nature of the injury during a discussion on a local sports channel.


His remarks suggested suspicion regarding the timing and severity of Shadab’s injury, especially during a critical match.

However, Gul has since reconsidered his stance after gaining insight into Shadab’s medical situation and the risks associated with repeated concussions.

In an interview with a local cricket website, Umar Gul revealed that he reached out to Shadab Khan to offer his apologies.

“After the PSL, I approached him immediately because the real story was that he had suffered from concussion twice in a year, and the third time it occurred during the World Cup,” Gul said.


Gul expressed regret for any hurt caused to Shadab, emphasizing that his intention was never to harm the allrounder personally.

“I said, ‘Shadab, it was never my intention to hurt you, and obviously being a Pakistani, I felt at that time that the team needed you.’

“So, for the team’s requirement, I said this, otherwise Shadab is a great guy and we have good relations, our families have good relations too, but obviously I felt by the statement I had given, and I apologized to Shadab for it,” he added.

Gul emphasized that Shadab’s health and well-being were paramount, and he apologized for any misunderstanding or distress caused by his previous statements.

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