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Umair Jaswal, Pakistan’s much-loved vocalist and song-writer, just got hitched a few days ago. Today, he’s shared another impressive throwback to his Nikkah that has everyone laughing (or remembering their own time).

The Trouble

Umair Jaswal got into massive trouble on the day of his engagement. What could it have been? But no, it was no technical difficulty or getting stuck in traffic. The man simply just did not want to dress up fancy!

In the picture, you can see him donning some jeans and a t-shirt while his wife, Sana Javed, is having a good time. Umair remembers that he was just riding his bike at the time and came over to Sana’s. The wife demanded that he at least take off the biker jacket.


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Think of it: Umair Jaswal in a proper biker attire while Sana Javed is dressed in eastern clothing. That makes one think Umair was the runaway bride!

Sana Javed Posed Alone!

The beautiful actress posted her pictures alone from the day because her beau was not dressed! Read the caption:


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The Easy-Going Life or the I-Don’t-Care Life?

Whatever the event’s placing maybe, it’s a big day for which hours and hours of planning are done. What you wear on the day is a memorable piece of memory for your entire life. Would you just get up and go to your engagement in whatever you’re wearing?

The Wedding

The Jaswal and Javed wedding was a beautiful affair. Taking place a few weeks ago, it was an intimate ceremony due to our current circumstances. However, the pictures and both’s attire is to die for! 


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Sana Javed redefined the modern bride’s makeup look. She got ready from the famous Natasha Salon, and her makeup was light, dewy, and so glowy! Umair Jaswal, on the other hand, looked dashing in his ecru sherwani (thank God he dressed up for the wedding!)

Intimate Weddings Are A Mood Of Their Own

Intimate weddings with a handful of people and your own home do sound like a dream come true. Due to the pandemic at large, many have resorted to smaller wedding affairs. Maybe this also makes the mood a lot more casual -which is why Umair Jaswal got married in his biker clothes!

umair jaswal
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Jokes aside, wishing a happy married life to the couple!

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