UET Lahore
Image Source: The Academia Magazine

Social Media has been talking about several things. From PUBG to the rain spells across Pakistan, Coronavirus, and even the University of Engineering and Technology (UET).

But, what has grabbed the attention of Pakistanis is that there have been at least five alleged confirmed coronavirus cases at the Lahore and Narowal campus.

However, the UET administration has denied any claims and has stated that only two boarding students from Lahore had symptoms of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the administration shared that the students were completely isolated at the university’s hostel and will be tested.

As the lockdown in Pakistan eased, with active cases falling shy of 10,000 now, the UET re-opened its campus to students on 17th August reportedly. The students were to give on-campus examinations.

What is even more interesting is that a UET official,  who wished to remain anonymous shared that the university VC had received some fake emails in recent days in which some students had demanded online examinations.

The ‘source’ further shared that the media reports of the alleged COVID-19 cases could also be fake as not a single case has been 100% confirmed at the time in either campus. Moreover, they added that SOPs were strictly being followed throughout all branches, and those students who had been coughing during the examinations were immediately isolated.

But, according to several students and some of the UET faculty, they demanded that the university halt examinations on the campus at once ensure everyone’s safety. They had placed forth the argument that if the institute can conduct online classes, then they can also take online examinations, keeping the safety of students and faculty before exams.

Social Media Reactions To UET’s Coronavirus Cases

Here’s what social media had to say about the worrying situation of the University of Engineering and Technology on-site examinations:

COVID-19’s Impact In Pakistan

The novel coronavirus pandemic has impacted Pakistan and the world in several ways. Many businesses have shut down or have wholly gone bankrupt, collapsing economies.

Moreover, all industries have severely been hit by the virus, including the education sector. Students, as well as teachers and institutes, found themselves in a situation where classrooms had to be made digital.

From Montessori to university, classes went online as both ends tried to work their way through the hardships of teaching and learning online. Many institutes opted for Zoom while others opted for Google Classroom and other mediums of schooling.

Businesses had to adapt to remote work as well. While digital companies were able to change with ease, other companies had a hard time. Many factories had shut down and even had to lay-off employees in the process, making the survival even harder.

Many companies had also given significant salary cuts to employees to embrace cost-cutting to survive. In difficult times like these, one can only wait and see when the economy starts to stabilize and wonder if things will ever get back to ‘normal.’

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