shahid afridi, doppelganger
Image Source: Outlook India

A Twitter user has pointed out an uncanny resemblance between Shahid Afridi and Jensen Ackles, and we are on board!

Lala’s Doppelganger Takes The Cake

A Twitter user had posted a picture of Jenson Ackles, part of the Supernatural crew. Ackles is mostly seen in horror, Vampire-esque movies, so we would not be surprised if you don’t know him. However, it is time to see the actor because he has been recognized as none other than Afridi’s look-alike.

It’s funny, the Twitter user who originally posted Ackles’ photo was praising him, but we Pakistanis can not get inside any and every private moment. Another user, namely Anas, came forth and hilariously said, “Lala looks a bit different here”! Before we narrate it all, here’s the comical and also enlightening exchange:

Shahid Afridi As The National Name

No name has boomed (pun intended) as much as Afridi’s has. Be it ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ or be it ‘Lala’, come cricket season, and these two names would be on everyone’s lips. Afridi is nothing short of a legendary player in Pakistan, and his name is just like a national symbol.

shahid afridi, doppelganger
Image Source: India TV News

Celebrity Doppelgangers, Blessing, or Curse?

It’s more hilarious now that everyone will be saying Jenson Ackles is just a doppelganger of Shahid Afridi when in fact, he is an established actor in Hollywood. That’s just a taste of Pakistani’s love— when it rains, it pours!

Though this time we have a doppelganger who is famous too, most times several ordinary citizens become titled as “doppelgangers” of a celebrity. In that case, is it a blessing or a curse? 

It could be a blessing to have that much attention. However, it could be a curse because you’re always in the shadow of that celebrity in your real life! For instance, if the doppelganger of Mahira Khan wants to enter the film industry tomorrow, will she be cast because of her actual talent or because she looks like Khan?

A Prayer for Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi had to leave the Lanka Premier League midway and fly home due to a family emergency. Rumors suggest that a daughter of his is critically ill and hospitalized. While we remember him for his legendary personality, let us take out a moment of appreciation for this cricketer and pray for his family’s safety!

shahid afridi, doppelganger
Image Source: Cricket Addictor

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