Twitter User Bashes Pakistani News Anchor For Wearing Revealing Clothes

news anchor
Image Source: EBU Tech

The Twitter user’s opinion on the Pakistani news anchor embodies what is wrong with our society. Keep reading to find out, and here’s a warning to keep your calm!

*trigger warning*

The Indecency! The Indecency!

Sheraz Says took to Twitter to rant about the fact that this anchor’s clothes were too indecent. Before we move further, peruse this picture and the woman at your convenience and find offensive. It might take a few years and a whole lot of crazy imagination, but we’ll wait!

Sheraz then went further to say that it was because of this indecency that incidents of rape take place. Instead, he thought that since clothes like this are exhibited on news channels, rape is becoming common. 

The Rape Culture in Pakistan

This is exactly what rape culture is and why it’s being fought against in Pakistan. There are a gazillion arguments that can be made against what Sheraz has said, but we’ll hold onto them.

According to Sheraz’s logic, such indecent clothes lead to rape, but the hundreds of little girls and boys and animals who are sexually violated are not wearing any indecent clothes. 

news anchor revealing clothes
Image Source: Asia News

If vile men assume anything but a burka is indecent, and they see this indecency on social media, how does that relate to them attacking and violating women who weren’t wearing clothes like that per se?

Rape happens because vile men can not control themselves. Sexual violence is a commentary on the power dynamic in our society and has been perpetuated by patriarchy. It happens because our company has conditioned men into thinking they are superior, and women are objects that they can use. There are no two ways about it.

news anchor revealing clothes
Image Source: Twitter

Where Do We Start?

In this case, we can not say people like Sheraz are just a few rotten eggs. The reality is that the entire society is terrible, even the women who have internalized misogyny. When the motorway rape case shook the nation, women were also the first to say, “why did she go out so late?”

news anchor revealing clothes
Image Source: Dawn

We start to counter this when we begin to respond to tweets like this with logic, with facts and force if needed. No revolution ever came without power.

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