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Every social media platform has its own target audience and hence, specific actions. On Instagram, for instance, you can like the content, but when trying to share, it will only be shared as a story. Meanwhile, on Facebook, you don’t have to share content to express how you feel about it; you can do that with the reactions feature. Twitter would allow you to quote tweets with your own input or increase the reach by retweeting.

Twitter to introduce a new feature

Often, social media platforms do introduce features of one platform to another. This is why you must have seen Facebook stories, even though it is a signature feature of Instagram. But it doesn’t really work that much. Not many use Facebook stories as much as they would use on Facebook. The same goes for Twitter. Not everything works on Twitter which works on Facebook and Instagram. And yet, Twitter introduced stories some time back, and now they might be introducing Facebook-inspired reactions. So instead of only being able to retweet or quote tweet, you can also like, cheer, hmm, haha at it.

Linkedin had also introduced similar reactions to Facebook, but it included reactions like clap as well to keep it professional.

Interchanging features 

The point is that every platform has built for itself a different audience, or at least every platform has associated with it, a different mindset. This way, when they feel like sharing a new based serious content, they go to Twitter, but for sharing experiences, they go to Instagram. As the rumors suggest, if Twitter is really working on introducing these features, the question remains, will they work?

Obviously, when Linkedin introduced reactions, people did start using it. But when Facebook or Twitter introduces stories, it wasn’t that successful. So who is to say that the Twitterati will accept the reactions feature.

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