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It may have come to all of us a quite surprise last night. What is it that we are talking about here? Eid, of course! A lot of people went to bed with the intention of one final Roza and then the decision was made around midnight. It was decided that Eid was going to be today, 13th May 2021 and that last night was Chaand Raat. This came as such a piece of sudden news that Twitter exploded with all sorts of hilarious memes.

Today, many people are busy prepping for the first day. A lot of people had not anticipated this and thus were left a day short. Imagine going for a haircut before Eid but then you realize that it is already Eid! It is a great time of joy and pride for everyone in Pakistan. Despite there being a pandemic, people are not losing hope on how to have a splendid time on Eid.

The Eid Memes:

As we can already see above, social media has been flooded with memes. They are extremely hilarious and might leave you on the edge of your seat. Twitter has been a front runner for these memes and they just keep coming one after another. Leave it to our nation to make memes within a matter of minutes. Do you remember the time of the blackout? It had barely been half an hour and already the internet was flooded with memes.

One cannot help but keep laughing as they keep coming. It is being considered as quite a conflict between two people on when Eid should be. The government of Peshawar had claimed to see the moon and had decided to go forth with Eid. To make sure that the entire country has one Eid, this decision must have been taken.

A Time Of Rejoice

We hope that you find these memes as delightful as we are finding them. It is certainly a time of recovering from the last few months. We must take care and keep practising social distancing procedures. Above all, make sure you have a fantastic eid, and may you get lots of Eidi!

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