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Pakistanis aspiring to study abroad, especially in Turkey, have reason to rejoice as TED University in Ankara has launched generous scholarships for Pakistani students eager to embark on their educational journey. This initiative, announced during the recent Devcom-Pakistan webinar, opens doors for Pakistani students to explore 23 undergraduate and 17 graduate programs for the Fall 2024 semester.

Scholarship Opportunties

Scholarships ranging from 25% to a full 100% are up for grabs, depending on academic performance and other qualifications. An added fascility is the exemption from GRE and English language tests, easing the burden for prospective applicants.

Study In Turkey: 100% Free Universities - Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2022-23 | MBBS In Türkiye Fees - Study Abroad with 12 Consultants
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Can Öney from the International Programmes Office highlighted TED University’s standing as a premier institution in Ankara, having highly qualified faculty members dedicated to student welfare. The university’s variety of complimentary facilities, spanning education, health, and recreation, further enriches the student experience.

Diverse Academic Offerings

Offering a diverse range of undergraduate programs spanning faculties such as architecture, psychology, and engineering, TED University ensures ample academic avenues. Graduate programs extend this spectrum with offerings in fields like applied data science and mechanical engineering, catering to varied interests and career aspirations.

Currently hosting around 5,000 students, TED University maintains a favorable faculty-to-student ratio of 24:1, facilitating personalized attention and mentorship. Opportunities for collaborative projects and research further enrich the academic landscape.

A Welcoming Environment

Haares Munir, Head of the International Student Community, emphasized the welcoming environment at TED University, where faculty and staff extend support round the clock. Students benefit not only from academic pursuits but also from a vibrant campus life enriched by outdoor excursions and leadership opportunities.

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For Pakistani students, familiarity with Turkish language and culture proves invaluable, promoting seamless integration and resolving everyday challenges. This cultural affinity finds roots in shared historical ties between Turkey and Pakistan, highlighting the importance of deepening bilateral relations through educational exchanges.

In expressing gratitude to Pakistani families entrusting their children’s education to Turkey, Levent Ocal, Head of the International Programmes Office, showed sentiments of warmth and brotherhood. Such initiatives not only foster individual growth but also strengthen the enduring bond between nations, paving the way for mutual understanding and collaboration across diverse fields.

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