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Recent news reports have caused confusion among Pakistanis about the alleged removal of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) taxes on mobile phones. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) stepped in to clarify. They stated that the Government of Pakistan has not communicated any such decision.

Addressing Misinformation

Social media and various news outlets incorrectly suggested that the Prime Minister announced the elimination of these taxes. These reports also falsely claimed that returning overseas Pakistanis would not have to pay these taxes. Additionally, they stated that non-PTA registered mobile users could get their devices approved by simply turning them on and off with a SIM card. The PTA firmly denied these assertions.

Why Mobile Users Aren't Willing to Pay PTA Taxes? A Case Study
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In July 2023, the government introduced the Temporary Registration System. This system allows overseas Pakistanis to register their mobile phones tax-free for 120 days during each visit to Pakistan. The PTA emphasized that this is the only current tax exemption. No additional exemptions have been granted.

PTA’s Role and Responsibilities

The PTA’s job is to verify the technical standards of mobile devices through the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). This process happens after FBR taxes are paid. The PTA does not impose or collect these taxes. That responsibility lies with the FBR. To prevent confusion, the PTA advised the public to rely on official FBR announcements for any updates about mobile device taxes. This step is crucial for ensuring accurate information.

PTA Tax on iPhones
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Correcting Previous Misreports

Earlier, social media reports falsely claimed that the PTA had removed taxes on mobile phone registration. This misinformation led some consumers to urge overseas Pakistanis to send mobile phones without paying government taxes. The PTA’s latest statement aims to correct these misunderstandings and provide clear guidance. For any legitimate updates about mobile device taxes, the public should verify information directly from the FBR. This will help curb the spread of false news and ensure accurate information.

The PTA stressed the importance of relying on verified sources for information about tax policies. As of now, there have been no changes to the FBR’s tax regulations on mobile phones. Any news to the contrary should be regarded with skepticism.

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