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While the number of trolls has been increasing on the internet, so has been the number of people who support people and causes. With the Black Lives Matter movement and the movement to accept all colors, in 2020, people want to be good, do good. But are there people who would cash on this; try to exploit the good in them? Definitely! The scandal of the Lahore School is an example of such exploitation.

Lahore School Fires Teacher

Do you recall how a piece of news made rounds on social media claiming that a Lahore school unjustly fired a teacher? The story was that a Twitter user tweeted that she has been terminated for a hideous reason; that was too ‘sexy’ to be a teacher. The tweet also claimed that the teacher had filed a lawsuit against the school.

Twitterati rushed to the teacher’s aid and started calling not just the school out but also the sexist mindset of the majority of the Pakistani population. It sparked debates on how women have to suffer from unemployment based on their looks, sometimes they are not pretty enough, and sometimes they are ‘too attractive’.

It’s All Fake

After an investigation by a local news channel, it was discovered that this was all a lie. The account that says she was terminated was created in October of 2020. And the pictures that it shares have been identified as been taken from the Instagram of an Indian influencer. Twitterati and the publications have closed the case as a stunt, a prank, that someone played, which fooled quite many people.

But it does make one wonder about the consequences of the whole fiasco. In a country that makes its women suffer harassment in the public sphere on a daily basis, the next time a similar incident happens in reality, how many publications and the general public would stand up for the women? Would they not be very hesitant in supporting a woman because all they would remember is being fooled by a fake account.

Unfortunately, however, these people only care about the two-day fame. Once they get it, they hide in the shadows, not caring about whether they made an existing bad situation worse or not. But to wind it up, yes, this was fake news, and a fake account has made the tweet that initiated the scandal unless the Indian Sanjana Singh has a Pakistani doppelganger, of course.

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