Yasir Nawaz is a renowned Pakistani television actor and married to Nida Yasir. The power couple recently embarked on a spiritual journey. The two went to perform Hajj and shared their highest spiritual moments with their fans, over social media. However, since then the two are being trolled for sharing those images.

Netizens are angered to see them post for likes and views instead of focusing on their Hajj. As a consequence, Yasir Nawaz has posted a vlog, addressing the public, and sharing how the opinion of others does not matter.

Yasir Nawaz Claps Back At Trolls

Yasir and Nida, beloved figures in the Pakistani entertainment industry, have always been open with their fans about their personal lives. However, their recent Hajj photos drew mixed reactions. While many praised the couple for sharing such a spiritual part of their lives, others criticized them, accusing them of using the pilgrimage for publicity.

In a vlog recently posted by Yasir, he shares his opinions on the trolling. Angered himself with the type of comments he had to hear. Yasir Nawaz posted a video stating, “Whatever trolling you have to do, go ahead, it does not matter.” He further continued, “Everyone here is capturing pictures of themselves, for the sake of memories. Because everyone wants to remember this spiritual time.”

He then shared numerous clips of fellow Muslims performing pilgrimage, recording themselves or the place itself. Though he was trying to emphasise on how this was a common practice, not everyone there had following like theirs. Moreover, there is no certainty that they all shared these memories with the public.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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