asma nabeel made nation proud
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The critically acclaimed scriptwriter, poet, and leader Asma Nabeel breathed her last in Karachi on 1st July 2021, leaving many grieved. The star had made an impression on all she had met with and her work spoke for her, she was a legend amongst us. With a fulfilling career and a strength like no other, here’s how she continuously made the nation proud:

1. Scriptwriting Champion

Asma Nabeel is most known for some of the best dramas Pakistanis have seen. This is because those dramas came directly from her pen and imagination. Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, Damsa and Baandi are all her creations that leave the viewer awestruck.

2. Championed Social Issues

Nabeel was always keen on tackling social issues to make a difference. In 2018, she was working on her drama called Surkh Chandni which was going to be about a victim of an acid attack. She made the nation proud by speaking up for those whose voices are taken from them.

asma nabeel made nation proud
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3. Breast Cancer and Polio Advocate

Asma Nabeel had been battling cancer since 2013. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought with it several times with chemotherapies and other treatments. As a result, Asma Nabeel also lost her hair but she never lost her confidence. She always inspired people to be optimistic and keep fighting.


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4. Female COO

We are all well aware of how difficult it is for a woman to claim her space in such esteemed positions. However, Asma Nabeel made the nation proud by becoming the COO of Crew Motion Pictures. She was an inspiration to all girls.

5. Poet/Lyricist

Nabeel was continuously reaching for the stars and was a woman of many talents. Did you know she was also a poet and a lyricist? As a writer, she tried all avenues to let her creativity flow. She produced a song for Bollywood called Helicopter Eela and write it too.

6. Supporting Others

Asma Nabeel also kept making her followers proud as she used to support others for living their dreams. She was an advocate for working women and accordiding to Nadia Jamil when she got diagnosed with cancer, Asma Nabeel would still convince her to work.


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7. Award-Winning Writer

Asma Nabeel was named Pond’s Miracle woman in 2015. She was also nominated as the Best Writer at the Lux Style Awards (2019) and Hum Style Awards (2019). Her career spanned over more than two decades and it was full of such proud moments for her.

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