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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become a buzzing hub for cutting-edge technology, and the car industry is no exception. Set to take place from January 9 to 12, the upcoming CES 2024 is anticipated to be an exibition of innovations, particularly in the automotive world

Electric Vehicles (EVs) Taking the Center Stage

In a noteworthy shift, the focus at CES 2024 is poised to amplify the electric vehicle revolution. While autonomous driving tech has struggled to gain traction, EVs have been gaining immense popularity. Market data reflects this change, with EV sales surging from 3 million in 2020 to over 10 million in 2023. Major players like Ford and GM redirecting their efforts away from autonomous vehicles further indicate the rising dominance of electric cars.

Practical Tech Solutions Stealing the Show

Unlike previous years where companies often showcased far-off futuristic concepts, CES 2024 is expected to spotlight technology that’s ready for use right now. Visitors can anticipate a showcase of practical, real-world tech solutions that drivers can readily implement in their vehicles.

Honda’s Electric Vehicle Unveil

Among the exciting reveals lined up for CES 2024, Honda is set to unveil its new “global EV series models and several key technologies.” This move underscores Honda’s significant transformation towards electric mobility. The announcement scheduled for January 9 holds the promise of unveiling groundbreaking developments from the Japanese automotive giant.

CES 2023: Sony, Honda Unveil Afeela EV to Challenge Tesla (TSLA) - Bloomberg
Source: Bloomberg

Concept Cars Still Making an Entrance

While the spotlight may shift towards practical tech, concept cars still hold their allure. Hyundai’s Mobion concept car, allowing independent wheel movements, offers a glimpse into the imaginative designs carmakers continue to explore and introduce.

AI in Cars: A Cautionary Approach

Unlike the overarching AI focus expected at CES 2024, the automotive sector is taking a more reserved stance on artificial intelligence. With safety concerns paramount, companies are wary of integrating unreliable AI technology into vehicles. Instead, the emphasis might be on utilizing AI for less critical applications like vehicle personalization, steering clear of high-risk functionalities within cars.

CES 2023: From a new player in electric cars to the next generation of VR - what to expect from the world's biggest tech event | Science & Tech News | Sky News
Source: Sky News

As CES 2024 approaches, the automotive landscape appears set for a significant shift, favoring electric mobility and tangible, usable technology over ambitious but distant futuristic concepts. This event promises a closer look at a more practical and electric-driven future for the automotive world.

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