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Traveling anywhere, there are only two important things you need to have finalized; the rest can be spontaneous. I mean, that is my personal belief. They can totally differ for you. But as someone who likes traveling solo, I make sure that I choose a safe airline and have prebooked my hotels for the entire trip. So when planning for a trip to Jakarta, I would want the same. And so should you.

Here is a list of few hotels that you can choose from if you plan to go to the Indonesian city of Jakarta.

1. Orchardz Hotel Jayakarta

Not only are there non-smoking rooms but also smoking rooms available, so if you are a smoker, they have you covered. Other than that, the housekeeping gives you the value for your money because it has rated quite well in terms of cleanliness. And you can book for 8 days for PKR 28,000.

2. Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel and Residence

PKR 2,800 for one night and almost PKR 27,000 for 8 nights; the hotel has quite a few attractions nearby. From a Mangga Dua Morning Market to a Black Portuguese Church and loads of restaurants, everything is nearby. No wonder this place is rated high for walkers.

Image Source: Trip Advisor

4. RedDoorz Plus near Plaza Blok M

The hotel looks clean and pretty comfortable. Customer reviews are also great. Honestly, after Orchards, this hotel sounds the best. Not to mention that the price is extremely affordable. But let me elaborate a little on that. So I input the dates of early November, and Booking.com showed an ongoing deal that prices the room at PKR 23,000. But even if you are choosing it for other days, the price goes only up to PKR 30,000.

5. Grand G7 Hotel 

I like to explore any city by myself. And therefore, I prefer not to hire any transport and walk around. So after a good day of exploring, I would want a clean bed to jump in without the fear of bed bug. So Grand G7 offers that and also a great breakfast. Although you might have to see if you are okay with continental dishes considering, there are not many international ones. And you will be getting it all at PKR 31,000, so let’s be reasonable.

Image Source: Booking.com

You don’t necessarily have to choose from these Jakarta hotels, but we did explore both platforms, Trip Advisor and Booking.com, and chose only the ones with the best rating and reviews. Not to mention, we went for the lowest price range. Basically, we compiled a list that keeps track of the budget, comfort, and luxury.

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