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There are quite a lot of options in Pakistan when it comes to buying a hatchback. The reason for that is the preference of many people to go for Hatchbacks in Karachi. Due to the traffic situation here, it is better to have a car that can easily snake its way through traffic and have a nice fuel average alongside. That said, there are many companies out to produce newer hatchbacks each year. Toyota and Mitsubishi are two companies who have certainly released their fair share of vehicles.

While the latter may not be as known in Pakistan, the former is a household name. The Toyota Corolla is a car that has been in families for generations. There are people present who just want to buy a Corolla, and are always waiting for a newer model! Now, if a buyer had a choice between Toyota Passo and Mitsubishi Mirage, which one would they rather go for?

Performance and Comfort

When it comes to performance, the Toyota Passo is known to take the cake often. Be it the first generation or the third one, the Passo radiates the essence of performance. It might not have as high a fuel average in the city as the Mitsubishi Mirage, but it gives an immense amount of performance on any kind of distance.

You could load it with 5 people and the speedometer would still touch 120 km/h without breaking a sweat. It provides more comfort and has a plethora of features. On the other hand, while the Mitsubishi Mirage certainly gives a higher fuel average, it compromises on performance. There have been known issues of the vehicles in terms of transmission and safety, in the past.

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Spare Parts and Resale

These are two of the most important factors to consider when buying a car today. The Toyota Passo has quite a wide market for spare parts. Eventhough it is also an import, it has been present in Pakistan for quite a long time, with each generation having its fair share. Thus, there is no lack of availability and the car has a decent resale due to being a hatchback.

In contrast, while the Mirage is also an import, it has entered Pakistan only recently. Due to this, it has a low resale, on account of people not wanting to buy it. This is because of the lack of spare parts and expensive maintenance. People with this car who have made repairs needed, have had to wait months just for a single part to arrive from abroad.

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The Verdict

While the fuel average of the Mirage is much higher than that of the Passo, that is not the only factor to be kept in mind. It is also important to note that spare parts and performance also have a major hand in purchasing a car. You don’t want to buy a car and get stuck with it either because its not selling or there’s no parts to repair it with.

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