The automotive sector of Pakistan is going through a very crucial time. The slowdown of the economy has resulted in an increase in unit prices and a slump in demand.

According to the latest reports, sales have dropped by an alarming 41% during the first quarter of the fiscal year.

In September, both Honda and Toyota announced that their production plants will observe shut down for 15 days. Furthermore, both brands have announced that non-production days (NPD) will continue to be observed in October as well.

From July, Honda has already observed 44 NPDs. According to Dawn, the company will keep its plant shut for up to 18 days in October. Honda still has 2,000 unsold units at its plants and dealerships, whereas the number was 3,000 last month.

Whereas unit productions at Indus Motor Company (IMC) is performing at less than 50% of its capacity and is expected to continue at this rate throughout the remaining month of October.

Non Production Days (NPDs) of Toyota and Honda plants:

Car sales are expected to remain on the low for the remaining of the year. It would not come as a surprise if more NPD are observed by both Toyota Pakistan and Honda or even other brands.

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