Yaris 1.3 ATIV
Image Source: ToyotaCentral

The automobile industry is booming quite a lot these days. Despite the pandemic hitting the streets of the world, it has not entirely hindered this industry. Tesla keeps making refinements and advancements to their vehicles with every passing month. Ford is also making considerable progress in their respective area.

Similarly, the brands common to Pakistan are releasing newer models as the year progresses. The new civic model was recently revealed to the public at an auto reveal. Toyota has also had its hands dipped deep in this industry. The Yaris has been quite a car this year. The vehicle itself has received praise and criticism. However, there is news in store for fans of the vehicle!

Yaris with new features
Image Source: carindia

Toyota As A Company:

Toyota used to be known as the most robust vehicle manufacturer of all time. Even now, if one comes upon such vehicles as Land Cruiser or Vigo, they cannot help but marvel at it. The Toyota Corolla stands out as one of the most successful cars of the previous decades. The 90s variants of the vehicle are as robust and strong as some jeeps.

So, now that we’ve observed the history, we can take a glance at the Toyota Yaris. Its name has gone quite up in 2020 and has developed a reputation. They are, however, many mixed reviews on the vehicle itself. The New Yaris 1.3 ATIV is set to include new features which are sure to baffle and astonish!

The Toyota Yaris 1.3:

As opposed to the previous variant this version will have two features included. These are the Rearview camera and a better audio system. This means that can listen to the bass boost on ‘Ocean Drive’ with a premium feel. Additionally, you no longer have to strain your neck to check the blind spot on the rear side. Just switch to reverse and stare away at the screen!

These new features were not available in Yaris except for the extreme high end versions. Now, with this availability, more and more customers are expected to come running. Toyota Yaris has received criticism due to it’s disproportionate build and lack of certain aspects. This is one of the reasons it took a hit when the year began.

The Future Of Automobiles:

Despite the shortcomings, Yaris has had a successful sales year. It has surpassed both Civic and City in sales. Where those vehicles were sold at nearly 2000 units, the Yaris reached 4000. A lot of people are preferring Yaris over other sedans. With the rearview camera and a better audio system saving people money, why would they not go for this one?

This is because the city has had the same type of chassis and face since a decade. It is high time the vehicle gets a refresh so there is a higher influx of customers. We hope the Toyota Yaris continues to improve as more and more models are released. It would be nice to see more types of vehicles in the country rather than old ones.

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