Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Surf comparison
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The automobile industry is one the fastest rising ones in the world. Where we were still trying to move past manual cars, many new transmissions are a thing. Gears used to be considered extremely inefficient many decades ago. Often times, it took quite a while for a car to start and its exhaust release was monstrous.

In every car brand, there are friendly rivals and competitors. They are of the same company but their similar features cause them to go head to head. This doesn’t mean that one of them is bad or less in features, it just depends on the preference of the driver. Today, we can have a comparison between Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Surf. Both of them are robust vehicles and deserve a frame of their own. Let us dive into details.

Toyota Fortuner and Another comparison
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The Two Ends:

Toyota Fortuner is considered as a relatively new entry into this industry. When it first came out, it gathered quite a lot of popularity due to its features. It gathers quite a lot of power under the hood and leaves the driver wanting more. It is built for tough terrains and can move across any form of landscape.

Now, moving towards Toyota Surf, it is another titan. This is one of the older ones in the history of Toyota. When people used to think about the Land cruiser counterpart, they used to imagine Toyota Surf too. The Cruiser price bracket has gone high by a huge margin so we compare two vehicles in a more reasonable comparison. Surf is also a suitable vehicle for the family and had a power-packed engine.

Design And Beneath The Hood:

The Toyota Fortuner Diesel variant comes with a 2.8L engine while the petrol one has a 2.7L capacity. It is a seven-seater vehicle with adequately good fuel mileage. In terms of transmission, it is both auto and manual, depending on the variant. Its fuel tank has an 80L capacity.

Toyota Surf has an automatic transmission, all fitted with a 3.4L engine. This is quite a powerful engine, and its built quality is a standing testament to its capability. It has a six-cylinder engine with a 5 person seating capacity and a 70L fuel tank. With 180 top speed, this vehicle is one to be trifled with.

Surf and Fortuner by Toyota
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The Price Bracket:

The Toyota Fortuner is currently set at a price of between 90Lac to 100Lac. This seems like quite a hefty amount for a vehicle but what it offers can stand as a justification for its price. Its features are premium and it’s fit for the whole family. Now, this is an impressive vehicle!

Coming to the second one, the surf is available at a price of Rs.95Lac and moves up and beyond Rs.100Lac. There is not a substantial difference between the prices of the two vehicles compared here. Both require an investment and running over the long term. We hope the driver is able to select based on the preference of drive and features!

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