Corolla Cross and other HEV vehicles out there
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Toyota never fails to impress us with its vehicle releases, especially the ones in the hybrid domain. When the Toyota Aqua was first introduced to the people, they absolutely loved it. The idea that a vehicle could give that good of a fuel average was not something people could entirely comprehend. Additionally, hybrid cars tend to have no engine noise or vibration at all, leading to people have a more comfortable and peaceful drive. Now, Toyota has come out with its latest hybrid electric vehicle, The Corolla Cross.

It is crossover SUV that boasts hybrid electric functionalities in it and has quite a lot of impressive specifications. When people look towards quality, they tend to turn towards Toyota. The brand also promises reliability and long-term running to the customer, thus why they keep coming back for more. So, what is it about this vehicle that everyone is so fascinated by?

Corolla Cross and other specs of this hybrid
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The Corolla Cross Specs

Starting from the engine performance of the vehicle, it has smooth, quiet and relaxed performance with incredible efficiency. Yes, this vehicle can give you more kilometers per liter than many of the vehicles in its range. The hybrid battery warranty that the company provides is for 6 years or 160,000km! That is quite the claim on their part.

Additionally, the Corolla Cross also comes with three driving modes. You can select from these three depending on how you want your drive to be. There is,

  1. EV
  2. ECO
  3. Power

If you wish to cruise silently across the city with music on, the EV and ECO modes are for you. However, if you are looking for a thrilling drive full of adrenaline, then shift to the power mode and floor the accelerator!

new cross hybrid electric with features
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The Future Is Hybrid Electric

The vehicle is equipped with stylish alloy wheels, powerful LED headlamps, study roof rails and a bold, impressive design to go with it. You can expect heads to turn when this vehicle is seen being driven on the road. Toyota seems to have gone all-in when it comes to the Corolla Cross.

Additionally, the interior of the vehicle provides immense comfort and transports the driver and passengers to the future. It has a luxurious interior, all topped off with a floating display and powered seats. From dual zone auto climate control to a plethora of safety features, including 7 airbags, this car has it all.

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