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Chitral is on its way to get its very own five-star hotel, and it’s going to be soon. The project is going to be huge, and the model shows that it will be world-class. So let’s explore this news together!

Bejaan, THE Hotel in Chitral

Anwar Aman is an overseas Pakistani who has come back to Pakistan to invest back in the country. He is naming the project after his mother ‘Bejaan.’ The word pronounces as ‘be’ and not ‘bay’. And the hotel intends to provide top-notch facilities to its residents. These facilities will include 80 bedrooms, 500 seating hall for guests, and two lavish restaurants. Overall the project will incur $30 million. And it is being built under a public-private partnership.

NTCB goes to the groundbreaking ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony to signify the start of the project’s construction took place on Wednesday. To take part in it, the Chairman National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB), Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari, also visited the location. Following the ceremony, the work has already been initiated.

The project is great not just for the tourism industry, for Pakistan’s global image but also the employment sector. The hotel will, at first, lead to employment in construction jobs. After it is constructed, it will lead to jobs that range from housekeeping to managers to promotions to workers on the ground. All in all, it will prove to be an excellent employment opportunity not just for the Pakistanis in Chitral, but whoever chooses to apply.

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Government’s efforts to promote Tourism Pakistan

In the ceremony, Chairman NTCB mentioned that the government has been working to simplify investing. Also, they have been trying to facilitate the private sector into investing in Pakistan’s tourism industry. This project is one of the outcomes of their effort.

NTCB also said that the government has worked out a grand plan to present Pakistan as a brand to the world. Given its current positioning, the project needs to be foolproof and indeed elegant for it to actually work.

Another effort from NTCB and consequently the government is an e-portal for tourism in Pakistan. Through this portal, the country will be able to promote its attractions to a global audience. The portal is yet to launch.

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