Attack On Mosque Canada
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Two people, a man and a woman, have been arrested for trying to break into a mosque in Scarborough, Toronto, in Canada. The custodian was able to stop them but they kept threatening to set off an explosive. Canadian Police got there in time and arrested the individuals. They have further stated that they did not recover any weapons or explosives.

Once again, the authorities have attempted to shield the terrorists by saying their actions do not seem to have stemmed from hate.

Will they claim that this too was no terrorist attack?

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Attack on Muslim Family in Canada

This month saw a family killed in a hate crime against Muslims in Canada. A 9-year old boy was the sole survivor of the family. This led to quite an uproar amongst the Muslim community around the globe and especially in Pakistan.

Canada tried to hush it off by saying that the arrested man did not have any links to hate groups. Through this, Canada sheltered itself by dissociating the crime from Islamophobia. But they need to understand that this was a terrorist attack, because if one whole Muslim family or if a Muslim place of worship is attached, it is a statement that their Islamophobic citizens are making.

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