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Tech events have a long and rich history, dating back to early days of telecommunications and computing. Trade exhibitions were among the first tech events, as businesses displayed their goods and services to competitors and prospective customers.

Since technology is always changing, it’s important for everyone interested in the digital world to remain up to speed on the newest developments and trends. Attending tech events is one of the greatest methods to do that since you can network with peers, pick the brains of experts, and find new prospects. But with so many tech events happening around the world how do you choose the perfect ones to attend?

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide for the biggest tech events of 2024 for you!

March Tech Events

  • SXSW (8 – 16 March): One of the most well-known and significant tech gatherings worldwide, SXSW combines technology, music, and culture. It offers numerous themes, including AI, gaming, virtual reality, and more! There are hundreds of workshops, exhibits and parties that are held throughout. You can also meet and mingle with celebrities, inventors, and influencers from all over the world. The event will be taking place in Austin, Texas, USA.

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  • NVIDIA GTC (18 – 21 March): It is the premier platform for learning about GPU technology, featuring latest developments and applications in graphics, computing, AI, and data science. You can attend technical workshops, networking events, and keynote speeches. These are led by experts from NVIDIA and its partners. You also get to connect with developers and industry experts who use GPU technology to solve real-world problems and create amazing experiences. The event will be held in San Jose, California in the United States.

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April 2024

  • Google Cloud Next (9 – 11 April): The premier gathering, Google Cloud Next, offers the latest advancements and industry best practices in cloud computing, data analytics, AI and other related fields. Presented by Google engineers, executives, and customers, it includes keynote addresses, breakout sessions, interactive demos, and hands-on laboratories. Discover innovative ways to use Google Cloud to enhance your business or career, and network with other cloud enthusiasts. This year the event will take place in San Francisco, California, USA.

    Google Cloud Next Event
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May Tech Events

  • RSA Conference  (6 – 9 May): The world’s premier cybersecurity conference, offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge about most recent developments, risks, and safeguards for your networks, devices, and data. Including keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, and exhibit halls with a broad range of subjects covered. Find-out how to keep ahead of hackers and cyber-criminals while networking with other experts! This will also be taking place in San Francisco, California, USA.

    RSA Conference 2022
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  • AWS Summit Berlin (15 – 16 May): It is an opportunity to learn about most recent advancements and industry best practices in cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other related fields. Keynote addresses, breakout sessions, interactive laboratories, and exhibition halls with AWS professionals, clients, and partners are all part of it. Discovering how to use AWS for your projects or job, as well as networking with other cloud lovers.

    AWS Summit Berlin Event
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  • Microsoft Build (21 – 23 May): It serves as the best place for developers to learn about the newest platforms, tools, and technologies from Microsoft and its partners. It covers  subjects such as, Windows, Office, AI, gaming, and more. It also includes keynote talks, technical sessions, code demos, and hack-athons. It also provides the chance to network with other developers and receive advice and assistance from Microsoft professionals and engineers. Seattle, Washington will be hosting this year’s grand event.

    Microsoft Build Event
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  • VIVA Technology (22 – 25 May): It is known as the largest startup and innovation event in Europe. Here you may find the newest ideas and solutions for digital transformation of society and business. It includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, and pitch challenges on variety of subjects. These include e-commerce, finance, health-tech, and ed-tech. The event is an excellent prospect for networking with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate entities, as well as discovering fresh avenues for cooperation and expansion. This beautiful event will be hosted in the loving city of Paris, France.

    VIVA technology Summit
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  • Dublin Tech Summit (29 – 30 May): The event offers information on the newest advancements and industry best practices for the digital economy. It covers a wide range of subjects, including AI, blockchain, IoT, VR, and more.  It also includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, and exhibition halls. The Dublin Tech Summit is a fantastic place to meet other tech enthusiasts, network, and learn about innovative applications of technology for sustainability and social good.

    Dublin Tech Summit
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  • London Tech Week 2024 (10 – 14 June): It is considered to be the largest tech event in the UK. It provides a platform to explore and celebrate the ingenuity and diversity of the digital industry. There are hundreds of events, activities, and displays on a variety of subjects, including gaming, finance, ed-tech, health-tech, and more. It is an excellent chance to connect with fellow tech lovers and explore novel approaches to bolster and expand the tech community.

    AWS Summit Berlin Event
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  • IFA Berlin (6 – 10 September): Discover the newest products and innovations from the biggest brands and manufacturers in the industry at IFA Berlin. Known as the world’s premier consumer electronics and home appliance event. It involves keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, and exhibit halls. They tend to cover a variety of subjects like wearable technology, robots, gaming, smart homes, and more.

    IFA Berlin event
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  • Immersive Tech Week (4 – 6 December): It serves as the the premier event for immersive technologies. You will be able to discover newest developments and uses of VR, AR, MR, and XR. It includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, and displays on a variety of subjects, including tourism, education, entertainment, and health. In addition to learning how to develop and experience immersive worlds, it also offers a fantastic chance to network with other enthusiasts for immersive tech. The event will be taking place in London, UK.

    Immersive Tech Week Event
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  • Meta Connect (TBD): Learn about the goals and plans for creating the metaverse—a shared virtual space where people can create and interact—at Meta Connect, the flagship event for Meta, the new name of Facebook’s parent corporation. It includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, and demos on a variety of subjects, including digital commerce, avatars, social VR, content production, and more. Aside from being a fantastic way to meet other metaverse fans, Meta Connect is also a terrific way to learn how to become involved in shaping the future of the internet.
    Meta Connect Event
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