Nathan Lyon recently jumped to the eighth position in the list of bowlers with most test wickets after taking his 500th Test wicket. However, it made us wonder, who are the legends who have even more than 500 wickets in Test cricket, considering the challenging nature of the game. As we know, that Test cricket is the ultimate test of cricketers, in all three departments of the game.

Let’s take a look at the five bowlers with the most number of wickets in Test cricket.

Muthiah Muralidaran – 800 Wickets

Muthiah Muralidaran, the Sri Lankan off-spinner, stands atop the pinnacle of Test cricket’s greatest wicket-takers. With a staggering 800 wickets amassed over a formidable two-decade tenure spanning 230 innings, Muralidaran’s prowess remains legendary.

Source: ICC

Shane Warne – 708 Wickets

Australia’s iconic Shane Warne, a maestro of right-arm leg spin, etched his name as a cricketing colossus. His 708 Test wickets, coupled with the famous ‘Ball of the Century’ in 1993, define his unparalleled legacy.

Source: ICC

James Anderson – 690 Wickets

England’s swing virtuoso, James Anderson, embodies mastery with his artful command of swing bowling. Garnering 690 wickets across 341 innings, he stands as a testament to consistency and finesse.

Source: ICC

Anil Kumble – 619 Wickets

Anil Kumble, with his 619 Test wickets, proved an indomitable force, showcasing relentless precision and spin wizardry, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape. He claimed 619 Test wickets in 132 Test matches during an 18-year career.

Source: Cricket Australia

Stuart Broad – 604 Wickets

Stuart Broad’s tally of 604 Test wickets across 167 Test cements his place among the bowling elite, displaying resilience and versatility in mastering the craft. His exploits on the field underscore his significant contributions to England’s cricketing legacy.

Source: ICC

The top wicket-takers in Test cricket not only reflect statistical prowess but also encapsulate the essence of skill, perseverance, and cricketing artistry.

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