With business innovation on the rise, one of the fastest-growing marketing tactics is affiliate marketing. It is a process through which brand advocates can make money – simply by recommending products and services they like. Every time online users drive a sale, they earn revenue based on commission.

Hence, affiliate programs incentivize entrepreneurs to set up online businesses; subsequently, monetize their passion for creating quality content. It is why companies across the globe are partnering with influencers, bloggers and digital publications. Not only does this help brands and content creators to benefit mutually, but it also uplifts the economy by bridging the digital divide.

For this reason, the leading e-Commerce platform, Daraz, started its own affiliate marketing program – an initiative that enables entrepreneurs without substantial capital to set up their own online platform. As an avid enabler of digitization in South Asia, Daraz has joined hands with top Pakistani influencers, to uplift the local community.

With 11.11 nearing, Daraz is further launching a 25-day influencer-affiliate competition, which enables influencers to capitalize on conversion opportunities on over 20 million products. This year, 6 of the biggest influencers in Pakistan – namely Romaisa Khan, Areeqa Haq, Kanwal Aftab, Zulqarnain Sikander, Nishoo Khan and Bilal Munir – will compete to contribute towards the highest number of sales. Grouped together, these influencers form the dLeague.

Moreover, these content creators have the freedom to hand pick their favorite products and deals, and recommend them to their following. On top of that, online users across various platforms can participate in the program by shopping on Daraz through the influencer link provided on Daraz App as well as the social media accounts of the aforementioned influencers.

As the link will be unique to each one in the dLeague, the ranking will depend on whose link has been used most frequently. Thus, the leaderboard, stating the score, will be refreshed daily. This way, participants and their followers will remain up to date with who’s winning.

Eventually, the winner can secure grand prizes, such as motorbikes, microwaves, smart TV, smartphones, and a food factory. Additionally, for the first time ever, Daraz presents an opportunity for followers of the winning influencer to also collect these prizes as well vouchers up to 55,000 PKR. All you have to do to win big on 11.11 is shop from your favorite influencer’s link.