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Mysteries of the world never ceases to amaze one if they were to sit back and think about it. Well, if you were to think about it, everything would come off as a mystery; birth of a baby, the blooming of a flower, changing of day to night and back to the day. And so, it is crucial to operationalize the definition of mystery. For this article, we will be using it as a phenomenon that has not yet had a factual scientific explanation. Here are some unsolved mysteries of the world that most people are still not aware of. If you can think of more, do let us know.

1. Pyramid of Giza

Pyramids themself are a mystery considering they are structures that could not be made from tools available in the times they were constructed. So the pyramid of Giza is a mystery within a mystery, really. The pyramid that had stone weighing tonnes were loaded on top stones that weighed tonnes. And people right now can not understand how the humans of those times managed it; some like to believe there was alien involvement. But the mystery is the void in the center of the pyramid. At the center, there is a space, 150 feet long, and people cannot pinpoint what it contains.

pyramid of giza
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2. Doppelganger

At one point in time, there are seven people with similar faces. So basically, you have six look-alikes in the world! But does that mean if there are 7 billion people globally, there are only 1 billion different faces? This mystery reminds me of The Princess Switch!

3. Mohenjodaro

A mystery in our very own backyard! Mohenjodaro is located in Pakistan. It is one of the oldest Indus Valley civilizations that existed 4500 years ago. Moreover, from the tools and the lifestyle uncovered until now, it tells you that they were an advanced society in the times they existed. What makes them a mystery is their whereabouts. They, it seems, disappeared, leaving all their belongings as it is.

mohen jo daro
Image Source: Atlas Obscura

4. Atlantis

The lost city that sunk underwater and kept functioning, at least that’s how the mystery goes. Now either the residents were top scientists who knew how to make oxygenated masks, or they too were aliens (because that is the only justification to everything unimaginable, isn’t it?) I mean, it could be magic too… hello, Salem witches!

5. Blackhole

Did you know that scientists wanted to see what is on the other side of a black hole? Something that got its name because it looked empty and just black. So they positioned their equipment towards the black hole and were able to photograph a very negligible, tiny portion of the black hole. Did you know what they saw in it? Gazillion stars! Galaxies.

So that makes me wonder just how many possibilities for aliens there could be. Not that we have explored all the galaxies in the universe, but if the black holes themselves are that vast, just how many more galaxies and universes there are at one point. It also leads to a hypothesis that being sucked in a black hole might not mean the end for universes.

black hole
Image Source: Nasa

Mysteries do intrigue us. They keep life interesting. And we can only hope to find answers to these mysteries in our lifetime. But will we? That is a question better left for the scientists to answer.

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